There is no short-cut to deal with
living things – Strict management and honest work
will produce high quality Hida beef

Wakata Farm Ltd.,
Mr. Takao Wakata

I just keep doing ordinary works naturally. That is all what I do.

After 40 minutes driving from Takayama station, I saw pastoral landscape among mountains completely different from city area.

A man came running toward us when we started slow our car down around the area with a few barns for cows.


“Oh, wait wait! I am bringing protective clothing soon!” a man said.

While we were waiting in front of the avenue toward a barn, Mr. Takao Wakata from Wakata Farm Ltd., brought protective clothing and rubber boots which can cover from head to feet.


Although we were just entering a barn for cows, it is necessary to wear a protection outfit as it were going to enter food processing factory.

“Do you remember an illness called foot-and-mouth disease which was on the news in Miyazaki a few years ago? It is a very contagious infection and once cows got the disease, I have to kill them. That is why we as stock farmers must ask everyone from outside to wear protective clothing for entering.”

Mr. Wakata told us that seriously but in an apologetic manner.

I even felt that I have to organize myself under the strict rules to maintain high brand of Hida beef.

Finally, I slowly entered into a burn for cows after completion of protection with disinfection.

Many cows with lovely round eyes looked at me in the unexpectedly quiet house.

There is a clear definition for Hida beef.

It must be a beef fattened by a producer “certified and registered in the farmer accreditation system” of the Hida Beef Brand Promotion Conference, the region that has been “breeding the beef the longest is Gifu Prefecture” and breed fattened for “at least 14 months in Gifu Prefecture”.

Above all, only “a black-haired Japanese Wagyu” of which “meat quality is rated grade 3 or above” by The Japan Meat Grading Association can be named Hida beef.

Mr. Wakata raises about 200 cows of Hida beef now.