Renovated a 200-years-old Gassyo-stlye-house
which is the place filled with kindness and love for everyone.

Teddy Bear Eco Village
Eiko Setoyama

Renovated an old japanese traditional folk house with one thousand teddy bears.

Eco village, which is located halfway up the mountain, not so far from town.
There are one thousand Teddy bears, which are treasured more than 100 years, are living at good renovated japanese old traditional folk house called Gassyo-stlye-house.
3 million teddy bear lovers,men and women of all ages, visit here each year.


“the same atmospher as the original”

“the same atmospher as the original” said Eiko Setoyama holding a big teddy bear with shining eyes.

“one woman from Hong-Kong had bought one big teddy bear which was the same size as a 7-years-old boy 4 years ago and came back with him with making his passport and a reservation of airplane for HIM!!I was very impressed ,moved and happy.”


You can touch, photograph, bring and carry them during a tour.

I promise you must have so much fun you might forget the time.