remaining the most taste of the soup,Hida Takayama Ramen,
from the day of Establishment in 61 years

Mr. Masanari Suzuki

We can see the sign “Takayama ramen” in the town having the affectionate view from the old time .
I visited “Tsudumisoba” which is one of the ramen shops in Asahi city.
It has a “tsudumi” store curtain at the entrance, I went there during closing hours, I took a picture with him in the front of the shop.

One of the most popular takayama ramen shop, tsudumisoba, was near the cinema on the first street in the past, but now is near the shopping area.
Masanari Suzuki tells me about the origin of the name which is from “The authentic cuisine made me smack my lips.”
It is 61 years since his father established tsudumisoba. Mr. Suzuki is the second master.


The secret of the ramen

That was quick. I thought I had to wait longer. It takes only 40 seconds for cooking noodle in boiling water!! I drool over the delicious-looking ramen…

The soup which is delicious enough to drink a cup dry, suzuki says that it is hard to make the soup with seafood broth (dried sardine+dried kelp+hidden flavor) and consomme(pork born broth+chicken+vegetable).

The filling is so simple, gifu-grown pork back ribs(Hida・Minokenton), green onion and domestic Chinese bamboo.

“Takayama ramen” usually uses thin and curly noodles only from wheat. They are the standard noodles of “Takayama ramen”.



The soup bowl was made specially. It is indigo blue and white, it can add more greatness to the clear soup.

I could find the characters “tsudumi” at the bottom of the soup bowl.

Adherence to the ramen looks shining for me, so it provides me having a full up to the throat and feeling of well-being.