The miracle happened thanks
to the hot spring heat in Okuhida:
Our goal is to create new local values

Mr. Shoji Watanabe

“You get thirsty in hothouse, right? They are more delicious to eat while you are thirsty. Look, this is the dragon fruit called Yellow Dragon that can be harvested in this period. When a TV personality came for the interview, he even asked us to eat more with his own expense.” Mr. Shoji Watanabe said.


Mr. Shoji Watanabe, the president of FURUSIC, talked passionately about dragon fruits upon entering the hothouse.

I was brought to the table setting at the center of hothouse by this friendly guide which remind us easy-going Americans.

Yellow Dragons were cut in front of us, and he looked like challenging us to eat.

I crammed all into my mouth when Mr. Watanabe smiled with impish eyes.

In this very moment, rich sweet juice filled my mouth as if it is destroying all of my memory.

I was surprised but kept chewing them, and then I started to taste balanced sourness mixed with sweetness.


Mr. Watanabe aimed to sell them by “affordable prices for your family, not like orange mango as gifts”, and the price is about 2,500 yen for big one.

I thought it was still expensive before I ate them but I was wrong.

When I heard there was a farmer growing tropical dragon fruits in cold Okuhida, I doubted it could happen.

However, people in Okuhida have utilized hot spring heat for floor heating or snow melting here for a long time.

Fresh water is heated to suitable temperature using hot spring heat in the hothouse in order to manage terrestrial heat.