Eating seafood delivered
through Buri-kaido Road
in little Kyoto among trees

Michiya Sushi Okimura-ya
Mr. Michiya Okimura

A local specialty everyone knows in Hida Takayama is Hida beef which is known as a big-name brand with finely marbled and rich flavored beef.

Also rice dumplings in sweet soy sauce, Hoba Miso and Takayama Ramen are very popular.

However, you can get bored of eating only famous dishes.


I would secretly recommend Nigirizushi in that case.

“It seems tourists do not expect there are delicious fish in Hida. Actually, many fish have been delivered from Toyama Bay via Buri (yellowtail)-kaido Road to our fish market since long time ago. We call it ‘Hida Buri’ and bring them to Shinshu beyond Mt. Mitakesan. There were some people even thought there was an ocean in Hida.” says Mr. Michiya Nakamura, who is the third owner of “Michiya Sushi”, while changing to white apron quickly.


The fourth-generation Mr. Tetsuya who has been trained at the most famous Japanese restaurant Ginza Kyubei leads the place now but Mr. Michiya still cooks when regular customers visit here.

“I don’t know why but I’m only good at using kitchen knife. It is about how to raise and lower it and the angle of cutting. In the contrast, I have poor handwriting ends up like a worm crawling haha.” says Mr. Michiya Nakamura,