The beginning of my new challenge
about Okuhida – I was born and
raised in Okuhida

Onsen Minsyuku Oyado Nozawa
Ms. Yoko Nozawa

Okuhida-Onsengo consists of five onsen (hot spring) each with five different spring quality.


Snow is coming down in large flakes at Shinhirayu Onsen area located in the southernmost point of the area on the interview day.

The simple hot spring, which wells up from the earth covered with beautiful snow, is quite effective for rheumatism and bruises attracting many guests.

Among many hotels there, “Onsen Minsyuku Oyado Nozawa” is the most popular place.

“One of the features of Minsyuku is its reasonable price but I believe that close relationship between staff and guests is more important. Regular guests even say ‘I’m home’ when they visit us.” said Ms. Yoko Nozawa, the hostess of this Minsyuku, in her bright voice with energetic and impressive smile.

She was born and raised in Okuhida and has met a lot of people since she was a child.

“When I’m interviewed about the feature of our Minsyuku, I always answer ‘that would be myself’. But this is not a joke and I mean it. Hot spring is not an unusual thing in Okuhida and you can also eat Hida Beef or Hoba Miso everywhere around here. If I think about what else can make visitors happy is only people working there.” Ms. Nozawa said.

Her sensibility to realize what customers want quickly has been developed for 25 years of her career here.

It is not about being over-familiar to mind the distance from guests.