Introducing the charms of
mountains from an elevation
of 2156m, Japanese roof

Shinhotaka Ropeway
Ms. Kozue Wada

You will see the highest mountain in Gifu, Mt. Kasagadake in front of you in a northwestward direction.

You can also look out over the mountain ridges of Northern Alps when you look side to side from the mountaintop with an elevation of 2,898m.

On the south is an active volcano, Mt. Yakedake.

In a northeastward direction, you can see Mt. Yarigatake accompanied by Koyari (a rocky part of the mountain with pointed shape) and a rock ridge Gendarme standing next to each other high up in the air.

The superb view was introduced with 2 stars in “Michelin Green Guide Japan” which is published in France.


Japanese version of Yankee Doodle goes “A thousand feet up the Alps, on the Koyari...”. As the very popular lyrics everyone knows, here is the roof observation deck at Nishihotakaguchi station where a thousand feet up (about 3,000m) mountains greet us.

The observation deck is on the roof of Nishihotakaguchi station where the final destination of Shinhataka Ropeway, and it is also a gate to climb Mt. Nishihotakatake (2,909m).

An elevation is 2,156m and your gaze will be equal as beautiful mountain belt.

“You can clearly see Mt. Haku (2,702m) located on the borders of Gifu and Ishikawa on a sunny day.” Ms. Wada said.

The main job for people working here is “mountain”.

The nature in major mountains of Japan is very tough.

Especially in winter, it will be -19℃.

Shinhotaka Ropeway is a general term of first ropeway, which takes you from Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station to Nabedairakogen Station, and second ropeway connecting Shirakabadaira Station and Nishihotakaguchi Station.